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California Attorney General warns of scams targeting seniors
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California's Attorney General, Rob Bonta, is raising awareness about the growing problem of scammers targeting seniors through phone calls and emails, resulting in millions of dollars stolen each year. Bonta's own mother fell victim to two scams, and he emphasizes that discussing elder abuse is crucial to overcome stigma and embarrassment associated with the issue.

State and local law enforcement officials held a press conference to warn seniors about the various schemes used by scammers, including phone scams, investment fraud, romance scams, and impersonation of friends or family in need of money. Vulnerable seniors may trust easily due to loneliness, making them easy targets for scammers.

The financial loss from elder fraud amounts to nearly $3 billion annually, and reported victims of fraud over the age of 60 surpassed 88,000 in the past year. The total financial loss has increased by 84% since 2021.

Law enforcement officials stress that scammers can be aggressive and may pretend to be police or use bullying tactics to extract personal information and money. They advise seniors to be cautious and report any suspicious activity. For more information on how to protect oneself, seniors can visit the AARP website.

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