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LA County among the highest for rates of seniors living with Alzheimer's in CA
Los Angeles
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Scientists anticipate that there may soon be another federally-approved drug for Alzheimer's disease, and a new non-invasive screening method for the disease shows promise. Los Angeles County has the highest number of people with Alzheimer's among all U.S. counties, and California ranks seventh in the country in terms of the disease's prevalence, affecting 12% of state residents over 65.

Factors contributing to the high prevalence of Alzheimer's in Los Angeles County include pollution, lack of exercise, and age. Clinical trials have shown that Eli Lilly's Donanemab can slow Alzheimer's progression by 60% for those mildly impaired, similar to the approved drug Lecanemab.

A potential future screening method involves a simple finger prick test that accurately detects Alzheimer's-related proteins in the blood, which could be more convenient and cost-effective. With over 6 million Americans currently living with Alzheimer's, prioritizing prevention through a healthy lifestyle, good sleep, stress reduction, head trauma prevention, and a healthy diet is crucial as the number is projected to reach 13 million by 2050.

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